> $5o Per Hour

Need a sounding board? Some good guidance? A devil's advocate? I don't claim to have all the answers (though I probably have a few), but will gladly give you my full attention and the benefit of my experience. From mind-mapping exercises, creative strategy sessions for the DIYer, to just a chat over coffee, I'd love to help you think it through.




Branding is the art and science of creating a look and personality for your business which helps the world be able to recognize your product and understand its distinctive character and value.


Logos are tricky. The goal for the logo is instant recognition. It has to be simple enough to look good and be legible at all sizes. It must also look good in black and white, grayscale, and two colors. It should be unique and original. It should feel balanced or symmetrical. It communicates clearly about the brand through the use of color and typography. And ultimately, it needs to be a "classic" so it has longevity and outlives this seasons's fads and design trends.

Good design requires a good understanding of your business, and usually requires a lot of brainstorming and preliminary sketches. In the end, you receive a vector file master and several files of different dimensions, file formats, and resolutions for a variety of uses. 


Don't underestimate the the value of a tagline-- the sentence, catch phrase, or slogan that succinctly communicates what you're all about.


By consistently using the same fonts, colors, logo and style of graphics or imagery, you help develop a look and brand personality that the customer will be able to recognize and relate to.  The smartest way to remember all of the details, especially if you're sharing tasks with a team that all need to be on the same page, is to have a document to which you can refer. This document is called a 'style guide'.


How you choose to communicate has a big impact on how you are perceived in the marketplace. Are you speaking in the 1st person? The distant 3rd? Are you formal, friendly, scholarly or irreverent? Whichever way you choose to go, make sure it's authentic!


Printed goods like business cards, letterhead, brochures, media kits, stickers, and postcards deliver your information to your customer's world in a tangible physical way. There are wonderful products on the market now developed especially for smaller businesses, with smaller print runs, luxurious paper and color options, and easy templates to help you stand out.




You have, literally, only seconds to convince your website visitor that you have what they're looking for. I specialize in creating beautiful functional websites with a focus on compelling content, usability, and industry best practices to engage your customer and ensure they find what they need. 


Domain names are the unique identity which you choose to help Internet users to reach your site easily. Whether you need to license your first domain, or need a little help getting your DNS entry updated so it points to your new site, I can help.


Once you have your domain, your next choice is who to have serve your site to the world. There are several top-notch platforms available now who combine hosting with easy website design and integrated services, and I'll be glad to help you weigh your options.


Website design is more than just looking pretty. In addition to branding and layout design considerations, the positioning of content, and understanding how users access and navigate websites play a big role in building a successful site. I use industry best practices and focus on getting your critical content in front of your customer so you can trust that your site will be both beautiful and functional.


SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results. Optimizing your website for SEO means editing content, HTML to increase its relevance to specific keywords and remove barriers to search engine indexing activities. Every site I build is SEO optimized.


Tutoring for the DIYer


You want to learn how? I'd love to show you!


'Content' is all of the materials, visual or written, which are required for a project. I often collaborate with my clients, modifying image content they already have available to fit the purpose, collaborating on copy, organizing photo shoots, searching for stock photography, or handing off checklists to the DIYer of the content items needed to complete the project.

Images + GrAPHICS  > $75 Per HOUR

I have a deep understanding of the mechanics of digital images, from color space, resolution, and file formats to ICC color profiles, dot gain, and exporting for print projects. I do most of my work in Photoshop or Illustrator, and have many tricks up my sleeve to help make digital images work.

Copy CREATION + EDITInG > $50 PER Hour

Sometimes putting the right words together can be a challenge. Whether you need a quick sanity check, a full edit, a rough draft you can rip to shreds to get you past your own writer's block, or tight copy that's ready to go to print, I'm here for you. Regardless of which of us does the writing, I'll help you find your authentic voice so you can connect with your audience.


Marketing & Media


In this busy digital age, marketing and media are the art of getting found.


Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, Tumbler, and Twitter are just a few of the most popular social media channels you can leverage to help people find your work. From account creation, auto-publication, to strategy and building a content publication calendar, I can help you out.


E-mail is one of the most compelling ways to reach your customer, but the frequency and content has to be handled carefully to avoid overwhelming your fans and driving them away. I can help you with list creation, using e-mail platforms to publish newsletters, develop content, and understand industry best practices.


There's a whole world of advertising options open to you, from local newspapers to national publications, event sponsorships, and online advertising. Let's find out what will give you the most bang for your buck!


Do you have something to say? Blogs are a wonderful way to get your ideas out into the universe and help people find you online. From creating blog websites, to scheduling/auto-publishing content, and optimizing SEO for blog posts, I can help.


Process Optimization

Sort, PuRGE & OrganizE > $25 Per Hour

Have a royal mess on your hands? Need help sorting it out? I use the Japanese 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) method of decluttering and creating systems to ensure that you have exactly what you need when you need it.

Value Stream Mapping > $75 PER HOUR

Value Stream Mapping is a method of looking at your process from the customer's perspective to understand what parts of what you do are really critical, and which areas you can optimize or simplify to save time and money, and improve your customer's experience.

Process Documentation > $50 PER HOUR

Need some help clearly articulating how tasks or processes should be done? Let me help you get it out on paper.


A Kaizen is a week long event where key owners of process come together to work towards a specific goal. Maybe you need to reduce costs, boost productivity, reduce wasted motion, or simplify process. Kaizen events are intense and require an investment of time and dedicated focus, but usually pay for themselves exponentially.


Project Management

$75 Per Hour

I'm a better than average cat herder, meeting dominatrix, and organizer. If you need help putting a project together, creating project spec and documentation, pulling team members together, and driving a project to launch, I'm your girl. 


Research + Data Analysis

$50 Per Hour

Interested in trying something new? Need to understand something that's impacting your business? I'm a natural born digger, and am skilled at distilling complex information, spotting trends, and putting information into a useful context.

Numbers and data tell a story, and I can't resist a good story. If you need help understanding the plot, let me take a look!




I offer a variable bill rate from $25 - $125 per hour according to the industry pay norms for the task I'm being asked to do. You can pay with cash/check, wire transfer, or credit.

Sticker shock is uncomfortable for everyone involved so I try to avoid it. For well-defined projects, I build out a project quote based on your specifications which we review and agree to before I start. Half of the project total is due at the beginning, and final payment is due at launch or on delivery. 

As hard as we try to avoid it, sometimes requirements evolve. If you initiate changes to the project after we begin, fees will be added to the original project quote at the hourly rate, and will result in a mid-project bill for the difference. 

For ongoing work, I use a bill rate and invoice weekly with terms due upon receipt. You'll be billed in quarter hour increments with a half hour minimum.

I have


If you need help with business planning, bookkeeping, hardcore coding, or something highly specialized or complex, you may need someone with a different skill set entirely. When that's the case, I'll be the first person to tell you so. I'm fortunate to have a fat Rolodex full of really talented people, and I'll do my best to get you connected with the person or agency you really need.